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Thank you for choosing Click Computers. We value and appreciate your business.

If you're ready to bring your computer into our shop for service, we've answered some common questions below:

Q: Do I need to bring all the cables with my computer?
A: If you have a laptop, please bring your power adapter. If you have a desktop, please bring the tower. We do not need keyboard/mouse/monitor/etc.

Q: Do you need me to bring any software?
A: Please bring any programs you commonly use, such as your operating system, word processor, spreadsheet, accounting programs, etc., along with license key codes and documentation, with your computer. In the event we have to reload your system, we need your software and proper license keys. You must provide original software discs, along with original software key codes (no handwritten codes, etc.)

Q: I've lost my software or cannot locate my discs. What do I do?
A: Sometimes, your computer may include software in a recovery parition and you will not be provided a CD. You should, however, still have license keys to your programs. Some vendors will allow you to download their software off the internet without a disc, however, you still must provide keys. If you cannot locate your software, contact who you purchased your computer system from. We can assist you if you still have questions.

Q: A friend or other business installed my software, but didn't leave me a disc. I don't have them.
A: Unfortunately, your computer more than likely has counterfit software on it. We cannot install software, including your operating system, without the proper liscense keys and/or discs. We can discuss your options on purchasing software to make sure your system is not counterfit when you come into our store.

Q: My printer has quit working. Do you service printers?
A: If the printer is having a hardware issue we may not be able to help. Please call our store for more information. If the issue is software related, we can assist you.

Q: I cannot bring my computer in for service. Do you make on-site visits?
A: Click Computers does provide on-site service. Please click here to contact us to set up an appointment.

Q: What do you charge?
A: Please click here to see our rates.

Q: I have a coupon. How do I use it?
A: Coupons MUST be presented before any work is billed out. Coupons after service is complete will not be accepted. Please present them up front.


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